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Navigating the world of martial arts, particularly for instructors and academy owners, involves continually seeking high-quality, well-organized curriculums catering to various skill levels. Equally, locating guidance on handling the business aspects of a martial arts school frequently proves challenging. The absence of communication and support from larger associations often results in individuals feeling unsupported and uncertain about their next moves. Furthermore, internal politics within these associations can become a discouraging distraction from the central goal - enhancing martial arts instruction and fostering student growth.


In response to these widespread problems, the FFIA Association presents the FFIA Affiliate Program as an all-encompassing solution to bridge these divides. This program grants martial arts professionals the opportunity to access well-structured curriculums, continuous education, strategies for business development, and a supportive community. It empowers professionals in the martial arts sector to resolve issues independently, supplying the essential resources and backing necessary for success in this evolving field.

FFIA Affiliate Camp 


What is Affiliate Camp?

It is a 3 day event, offered at the FFMAA training center in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Affiliation Meetings

  • Affiliation Rank Promotion & Awards Ceremony

  • Training Offered in All Association Programs

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