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Our Vison

Misson Satement and Purpose

The Francis Fong Instructor Association (FFIA) desires to promote the quality and standards of Wing Chun instruction for all students and instructors under the direction and guidance of Sifu Francis Fong.  The Affiliate Development Program was designed by Sifu Fong for school owners and Private instructors who are unable to attend the Francis Fong Academy but wish to implement an organized program into their academy. The development of an Affiliate Development Program (ADP) and FFIA provides a structured path for individuals to gain the necessary skills, knowledge and professional program materials for instructor certification under Sifu Fong and to teach Wing Chun in accordance to the curriculum developed by Sifu Fong.  Character traits such as loyalty, honesty and dedication factor in the admission process to maintain the high standards of Sifu Fong in order to develop one of the foremost global Associations available today.





From Sifu Francis Fong:


My vision is for the FFIA organization to carry on the principles and philosophy of the Wing Chun System as I teach it. I wish to focus my efforts on working with members of an elite organization and their students.  This way, there will be real progress over time because a consistent method of development will be applied.


Just as the power of the many techniques in Wing Chun come from a triangle, an instructor’s effectiveness comes from the unification of three elements:


1.         Technical skill and knowledge

2.         Ability to teach

3.         Ability to run an effective and profitable business


If your skill and knowledge is not where it should be, you will not be able to teach others the proper methods.  If you are personally skilled but cannot teach effectively, then your skill and knowledge remains only with you, and for that you do not need to be a teacher.  Finally, if you are a skilled practitioner and teacher, yet struggle with how to run a profitable Academy, it will limit your ability to share the skills, knowledge and wisdom it has taken you so long to develop.  The FFIA will help you to develop in each of these areas.


At an advanced level, it is important to incorporate Wing Chun principals into different ranges, aspects and styles of martial arts.  Before you can do this, you need to understand these ranges and other arts in their own right.  It is necessary to respect and appreciate each art in its individuality.  Only then can you begin to see the connections between the arts and apply the principles that you have learned in Wing Chun in other situations – on the ground, with weapons, etc.  Only then will your Wing Chun be a truly integrated and dynamic part of your fighting capabilities.  This requires a high level of training in Wing Chun and other arts.  These advanced levels are more focused on your ability to be natural with your Wing Chun in a variety of the arts and not the particular form of any one art.  This will allow you to become a truly functional martial artist who can fit into any situation whether it is in a combative or learning environment.  New situations can be appreciated instead of being a threat because you will have gained a true knowledge of yourself and your abilities without having to rely on one system or style.


In addition to the foundation of Wing Chun, students should strive to cross train in three other areas that aid in the development of being a complete martial artist.  These areas are:

•         Stand-Up/Kickboxing

o        i.e., JunFan, Muay Thai

•         Grappling

o        i.e., Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Combat Submission Wrestling

•         Weaponry

o        i.e., Kali/Escrima


During the Affiliate Training Weekends, FFIA Affiliates have the opportunity to train with and learn from other certified instructors from around the world.  They don’t have to worry about teaching students or running a seminar.  This camp is an opportunity for them to focus on their own personal development. 


For those instructors who wish to supplement the time we spend together in seminars, classes, and the instructor camps, video coaching is now available.  Twice a year, instructors can submit a video which I will personally review.  Instructors can tape both themselves training and teaching a class.  This way, I can coach instructors on form, and also how they are teaching others.


The FFIA offers instructional videos that help affiliates to promote the art to their students.  The tapes detail a structured curriculum so that students are successfully able to progress in their training. 


I look forward to working closely with my FFIA Affiliates.  FFIA promotes the Wing Chun skills, concepts and philosophies that I hold dear to my heart.




Sifu Francis Fong

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