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Individual Membership 

Join FFIA Today!

Thank you for your interest in joining the FFIA. The IndividualMembership is open to anyone who wishes to participate in the FFIA. The cost of membership is an annual fee of $50.


What is FFIA, and what are the benefits of Membership ?


The Francis Fong Instructor Association is organized and operated exclusively to develop, foster, advance and promote awareness and education of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Members will receive a personal ID card and a subscription to the Francis Fong Instructor Association Newsletter. In addition, members are eligible for special discounts offered by and/or through the Association.


Membership Benefits:



  • Lineage Certificates (Student membership in the FFIA is required for anyone who wishes to attain rank under Sifu Francis Fong. If you wish to attain rank through the FFIA, you must be tested in our approved curriculum at an affiliate academy of the FFIA and meet all requirements at each belt level.)


  • Access to the Affiliate Training Camps (Students with individual memberships are invited to all Affiliate Training Camps and must held a green belt or above under one of our Affiliate Instructors. Student ID Card must be presented at the camp.) Please note that we will need a digital photo for use on the membership ID Card.


Please send a personal profile picture you wish to use to

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