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Affiliate Development Program (ADP)

The Francis Fong Instructor Association (FFIA) desires to promote the quality and standards of Wing Chun instruction for all students and instructors under the direction and guidance of Sifu Francis Fong.  The Affiliate Development Program is designed for those individuals who are unable to attend the Francis Fong Academy (FFA) and will receive their primary training under Sifu Fong through seminar instruction. The development of an Affiliate Development Program (ADP) and FFIA provides a structured path for individuals to gain the necessary skills and knowledge for instructor certification under Sifu Fong and to teach Wing Chun in accordance to the curriculum developed by Sifu Fong.  

All the active FFIA Affiliates are automatically enrolled in the Affiliate Development Program. This will give you the ability to attend the Affiliate Instructor Camp in GA three times per year. We will also be holding the Affiliate Training in UK and other areas in the future. The Affiliate Camps are organized instructor material training that contains a greater depth of detail and information that normal seminars and classes.

ation to educate the current and future instructors.

All the Affiliate Camps are FREE  to all the FFIA Affilaites! Sifu Francis Fong personally teaches and desgin these camps to train new instructors to advance in his systems. The program itself contains numerous additional drills and and information to educate the current and future instructors. As affiliates, you will learning and growing at these camps. Althought these camps are not required, but it is highly recommended as addtional benefits to all the active affiliates.

Organized Curriculum

9 Levels of Trainings

The Affiliate Development Program provides professional standardized curriculum material. This program curriculum is specific designed to develop professional instructors by training personally with Sifu Francis Fong. The levels of training are broken down below:

1st Level (White Sash)

Study of basic structure and priciples of hand position and Siu Lim Tao Form.

2nd Level (Yellow Sash)

Study of basic structure and sensitivity by drills and basic trapping techniques.

3rd Level (Orange Sash)

Study of structure and sensitivity from trapping drills and Dan Chi Sao. 

Phase 1

4th Level (Green Sash)

Begin study of Chum Kiu, Chi Sao and level 1 wooden dummy.

5th Level (Blue Sash)

Study of level 2 wooden dummy and advance Chi Sao and its footwork. 

6th Level (Purple Sash)

Completion of wooden dummy form and begin it's free flow into Chi Sao. Taining and finalizing the application in each section.

Phase 2

7th Level (Brown Sash)

Study of Biu Jee and both of the weapon forms. This level will study the extention of body by using weapons.

8th Level (Red Sash)

Study of refinement of all structures and ranges. 

Phase 3

9th Level (Black Sash)

Study the development of the system. This is the highest level in the system. The development in this level will guide you thru the Affiliate Development Program, and begin its new training for the Black Belt Development.

Apprentice Instructor Level

Online Affiliate University

As part of the ADP all the affilaites will have access to the online video training program that provides curriculum video archive via our website. The video archive is broken down by the the levels of training, ADP Seminars, curriculums and class room drills. The online video training program is aim to be mobile and all Affiliates will be able to access to videos in any location with internect connection on any platform.


The Affiliate University contains the following information:

  1. ADP event videos (only available to Affiliates)

  2. Organzied curriculum video by Sifu Francis Fong

  3. Class room videos from Sifu Francis Fong 

  4. Affiliates 101 training session that contains information about setting up the program at your school.


After you have succssfully complete the registration process you will recieve the welcome package from the Association. The welcome package will contain the official affilaite certification and an Affiliate T-shirt.


Affiliate Development Pack

The Affiliate page contains additional inforamtion for 

  1. School curriculum outlines by levels.

  2. FFIA Marketing Tools / FFIA Logo / Official Website Badge

  3. Personal listing on the FFIA website as Official FFIA Affiliates

  4. Association Instructor/Student Manuals

  5. Class drills, pads works, and terminologies


Your monthly tution include the Wing Chun Kung Fu program and any of the future program(s). The Affiliates have the ability to implement any of the FFIA program(s) at your school and to train and grow under the guidance of the Association.


Monthly Tuition/License Fee

The monthly tuition /license fee to become an affiliated instructor/Academy is only 150 dollars per month! This will give you the license to publicly market yourself as Affiliated Academy with Francis Fong Instructor Association using official logo and imagery. You will also be recongnized as an active Affiliate on our Active Affiliate Page.



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