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Comprehensive Support: As part of our community, you will never feel alone. With continuous assistance and guidance, we help you plan and make your next moves confidently.


Dedicated Full-Time Association Staff: As our affiliate, you will have access to a full-time staff committed to your success. Our team is always ready to assist, from operational queries to technical guidance.


Resourceful Online Library: Harness the power of our extensive online video library and comprehensive curriculum manuals. These valuable resources enable you to deepen your martial arts knowledge and refine your teaching techniques.


Professional Development: You will have the unique opportunity to train personally with Sifu Francis Fong, enhancing your skills to a professional level.


Path to Instructor Certification: As an FFIA Affiliate member, you gain the exclusive opportunity to attain the rank of Instructor under Sifu Francis Fong, bolstering your credibility in the martial arts community.


Special Access: As an FFIA Certified Assistant Instructor, enjoy perks like free admission to the FFIA Affiliate Camp in Atlanta, GA.


Certified Affiliate Program: This program equips you with essential skills and tools to incorporate our professional curriculum into your school.


Affiliate Development Program (ADP): Exclusively designed for our Affiliate members, the ADP promotes professional growth through personalized training with Sifu Francis Fong.


Professional Curriculum Materials & Resources: Get access to various training materials, video guidance, and marketing resources to aid your program's growth.


Organized Curriculum

9 Levels of Trainings

The Affiliate Development Program provides professional standardized curriculum material. This program curriculum is specific designed to develop professional instructors by training personally with Sifu Francis Fong. The levels of training are broken down below:

1st Level (White Sash)

Study of basic structure and priciples of hand position and Siu Lim Tao Form.

2nd Level (Yellow Sash)

Study of basic structure and sensitivity by drills and basic trapping techniques.

3rd Level (Orange Sash)

Study of structure and sensitivity from trapping drills and Dan Chi Sao. 

Phase 1

4th Level (Green Sash)

Begin study of Chum Kiu, Chi Sao and level 1 wooden dummy.

5th Level (Blue Sash)

Study of level 2 wooden dummy and advance Chi Sao and its footwork. 

6th Level (Purple Sash)

Completion of wooden dummy form and begin it's free flow into Chi Sao. Taining and finalizing the application in each section.

Phase 2

7th Level (Brown Sash)

Study of Biu Jee and both of the weapon forms. This level will study the extention of body by using weapons.

8th Level (Red Sash)

Study of refinement of all structures and ranges. 

Phase 3

9th Level (Black Sash)

Study the development of the system. This is the highest level in the system. The development in this level will guide you thru the Affiliate Development Program, and begin its new training for the Black Belt Development.

Apprentice Instructor Level

Online Affiliate University

As part of the ADP all the affilaites will have access to the online video training program that provides curriculum video archive via our website. The video archive is broken down by the the levels of training, ADP Seminars, curriculums and class room drills. The online video training program is aim to be mobile and all Affiliates will be able to access to videos in any location with internect connection on any platform.


Our extensive online library and comprehensive curriculum manuals offer detailed insights and knowledge to enhance your teaching methods!



Wing Chun Program: Experience the Wing Chun kung fu system focusing

on dynamic, explosive, and practical self-defense skills.


Kickboxing Program: Benefit from a blended curriculum encompassing

modified Wing Chun, Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Silat, and Grappling Arts.


Kids Martial Arts Program: A specialized program incorporating multiple

practical martial arts disciplines for children.


FFIA Assistant Instructor Program: This program enables those on the instructor path to teach the FFIA curriculum under the supervision of an active FFIA affiliate.


Join the FFIA Association today to leverage these extensive benefits and features of our comprehensive Affiliate Program. Together, let's redefine your martial arts journey.

Elevate your martial arts journey with FFIA Association. Led by globally recognized Sifu Francis Fong, we provide exclusive mentorship, tailored business strategies, and an extensive curriculum. Act now. Join FFIA and start your journey to excellence today. Click here to get started!

Discover a world of opportunities with the FFIA Association's Affiliate Program. Our comprehensive offering is designed to address the core challenges encountered by martial arts professionals, instructors, and academy owners.


This unique program brings you unparalleled access to high-quality, well-structured curriculums catering to various skill levels, continuous professional development, and invaluable business strategies, all in one place.


As part of your affiliation, you'll have full access to our extensive Online Instructor Video Library & Curriculum Manuals, providing a wealth of instructional content at your fingertips. This resource equips you to deepen your martial arts knowledge and refine your teaching methods like never before.


Take advantage of our full-time Association Staff, dedicated to your success, providing personalized assistance when needed. Whether you're focusing on Wing Chun, Kickboxing, or our specialized Kids Martial Arts Program, you can add on additional programs at an affordable rate, ensuring a well-rounded and comprehensive martial arts offering.


Joining the FFIA Association is not merely about accessing resources; it's about becoming part of a vibrant, supportive community of martial arts professionals. Whether you're a professional school owner or not, our association opens doors to exclusive opportunities such as teaching classes, testing students, and engaging in private coaching sessions.


We are committed to bridging the gap between challenges and solutions, fostering growth, and ensuring every affiliate's success in the dynamic field of martial arts. We invite you to join us and experience the difference for yourself.

Monthly Tuition/License Fee

We've designed our pricing structure to offer you flexibility and value. Whether you're just starting out with us or looking to expand your martial arts portfolio, you'll find a package that suits your needs.


Initial Entry: Your journey with FFIA begins with an initial entry fee of $150.00 per month. This investment grants you access to our comprehensive resources, mentorship, and affiliate development program

Add-on Programs: Once you're part of the FFIA family, you have the option to broaden your martial arts expertise by adding on additional programs. Whether you're interested in Kickboxing, the Kids' program, or another discipline, each additional program can be incorporated into your current subscription for just an extra $100 per month.

For instance, if you're currently enrolled in the Wing Chun program, you can add the Kickboxing program to your membership for only an additional $100 per month. The same pricing applies to the Kids' program.

Join us today and take advantage of our flexible pricing options to shape your unique martial arts journey.

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