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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the affiliation process involve?

The process starts with you completing a form to indicate your interest. Alan Baker, our Association Director, will contact you within 24-48 hours to guide you through the remaining registration process steps.

What benefits can I expect from joining your association? 

Becoming a member of our association opens up exclusive opportunities to instruct Wing Chun or Kickboxing classes at your academy, evaluate your student's progress, and provide personalized coaching sessions. Additionally, you will join a network of professional martial artists, gaining the support of a vibrant community and enhancing your visibility through our various online platforms.

Does the affiliate membership include access to the online video university?

Yes, the affiliate membership grants you full access to our comprehensive online video university. This consists of the student section and our vast instructor video archive. The instructor archive contains invaluable resources, such as curriculum guides, manuals, marketing materials, imagery, and more. This extensive library is designed to improve your teaching skills and enrich your curriculum.

Are the affiliate coach camps part of the program?

Absolutely! As part of your affiliation, you will have access to the Instructor Camps that correspond with your program. These camps offer a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding, hone your skills, and connect with other professionals in the field. They are designed to facilitate your growth as an instructor, ensuring that you're equipped with the most effective teaching methods and practices in martial arts. Plus, your affiliate testing and advancement are also included in the program

Do I have to be a professional school owner to join the program?

No, owning a professional school is not a prerequisite to joining our program. Many of our current affiliates are not school owners but still thrive within the program, benefiting from its extensive resources and supportive community. Our affiliation is geared towards enhancing the skills and knowledge of anyone passionate about martial arts, regardless of their current professional standing

Don't let the opportunity to learn from one of the world's top martial arts instructors pass you by. Join FFIA Association today for an enriching journey towards mastery in Wing Chun, Kickboxing, and more. Transform your martial arts school and yourself. Click here to become an affiliate now!

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