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Chris Harley

Christopher Harley’s exposure to the JKD family began in 1999, when folks from the Minnesota Kali Group taught a martial art component of a class at Tom Brown’s Tracking, Nature and Wilderness Survival School in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. He’s been hooked ever since.For many years he trained on his own and attended seminars around the country. In 2005 he moved to Los Angeles and began training at the Inosanto Academy, where he remained for 4 years. During that time he trained over 20 hrs/week, continued traveling for seminar training around the country, and became a seminar assistant for Sifu Larry Hartsell. He also first trained with Sifu Francis Fong when Sifu visited the Academy for seminars. Christopher immediately felt drawn to Wing Chun and Sifu Francis’ infectious and energetic teaching presence. After his first seminar with Sifu Francis in 2006, Christopher never missed a chance to train whenever Sifu returned to Los Angeles.In 2009, Christopher opened a training group at his home in Oakland, CA, yet continued his travels/seminar training. In 2010 he spent 4 months in Atlanta, GA at the Francis Fong Martial Art Academy focusing on Wing Chun before moving on to MKG for 4 months where he focused on the close range tools of Kali.In 2011 Christopher moved back to Atlanta for 2 years to focus heavily on Wing Chun, earning his Black Belt in the art by the end of his time there.Sifu Francis Fong, Guro Rick Faye, Guro Dan Inosanto and Sifu Larry Hartsell have all granted Christopher Instructor ranking in the various arts they teach: Wing Chun Kung Fu, Kali, Jeet Kun Do, Jun Fan Kung Fu, Silat and Jun-Fan/JKD Grappling.Christopher continues to teach, travel and train throughout the country, exploring the arts already mentioned, as well Muay Thai, BJJ, Bujinkan, SiKal, and anything else he can, literally, get his hands on.He loves the art, and loves sharing & exploring it with anyone interested in learning the myriad benefits awaiting discovery and expression. He is perpetually grateful to all of his instructors, mentors, family, training partners, dear friends and students for all they so generously share as he explores life’s wonderful journey.

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