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Chris Rinderspacher

Christopher began taking martial arts at age 15. He started out with Shotokan karate and quickly progressed to 2. Kyu when his university studies refocussed him on teaching karate as a club activity at his university.In 2000, Christopher moved to Georgia for graduate school and started looking to continue his martial art passion. Of all the available options, the Filipino Martial Art club drew his attention. Soon thereafter he was introduced to Guro Inosanto's seminars at the Francis Fong academy. He had heard a lot about Wing Chun while in Germany, so he immediately seized upon the opportunity to train with Sifu Francis. Sifu Francis's principled teachings convinced Christopher that Wing Chun was the art for him and it has been his central art ever since. Sifu encouraged him to pursue a variety of arts and so Christopher has trained extensively in JKD/Jun Fan Gung Fu, FMA, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.After moving to Baltimore, Christopher decided to bring Sifu's teachings to the area and has been teaching there since 2009. He still endeavors to improve his martial arts knowledge and practices BJJ and various styles of FMA.

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