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Giantfranco Russo

Gianfranco began his martial arts training in 1975 with Judo and Karate, and in 1978 he joined the most important school in Italy for chin-na kung-fu (‘Nga Man Tao Pai), attaining Full Instructor status in 1985. During that period of training, he won several national competitions both in fighting and routines. In 1988, he founded his traditional kung-fu school (Liang Long Guan) that within a few years became one of the most known and respected schools for sanda fighting competitors. Gianfranco Russo then started to study shaolin and modern wushu. Due to a growing love for all martial arts, in 1990 he resolved to travel all around the world on an annual basis, and attend seminars in Italy with various masters and styles in order to improve his knowledge. Gianfranco traveled several times a year to China (Beijing University for Wushu, Shaolin training center, and Hong Kong), Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and the USA. In 1991, he he started organizing several seminars, including shaolin monks, Sifu Brendan Lai, Sifu Yang Jwing Ming, Sifu Zhao Dayuan, and Sifu Larry Hartsell, as well as kung-fu competitions. In 1994 he met Sifu Nino Pilla and started his study on Jun Fan Gung-Fu, Jeet Kune Do and Kali, attaining Instructor Certification in 2004 when Gianfranco became a part of Sifu/Guro Dan Inosanto's Instructor Program. Since 2001, Gianfranco has hosted an annual Muay Thai ThaiBoxing Italian Seminar Tour for Ajarn Surachai Chai Sirisute. He has hosted Sifu/Guro Dan Inosanto annually since 2002, and Professor Jean Jacques Machado annually since 2010. In 2010 he also organized first “Sanda Games”: the most important professional fighting championship for sanda in Italy. During 2010, Gianfranco Russo met Sifu Francis Fong, and decided to dedicate part of his study to the fascinating art of Wing Chun Kung Fu. He invited Sifu Fong to Italy on an annual basis to instruct Wing Chun seminars. In addition to the annual seminars in Italy, Gianfranco travels to Atlanta to visit and train with Sifu Francis and his friends at FFMAA to advance his progress in Wing Chun. In 2013, Gianfranco hosted the first European Instructor Training Conference for Sifu/Guro Dan Inosanto. Gianfranco started a company in 2010 named WuLin srl, through which he owns the brands IMPERA FC (MMA international competition) and METHOD (martial arts professional equipment). With over 35 years of experience in martial arts, he is AICS Regional contact responsible for all martial arts, and he sits in the AICS national committee for Kung-fu Wushu. All of Gianfranco's senior students achieved national and international awards and recognition in many different arts including boxing, sanda, mma and brazilian jiu jitsu.

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