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Sule Welch

TWE founder, Sule K. Welch (a.k.a. Sifu/Guro/Coach), combined his competitive athletic background, 25+ years of martial art training experience, a master’s degree in marketing, 12+ years of executive level work experience with Fortune 100 companies, and extensive world travel, to develop both specific and comprehensive training methods and to create and continuously expand the TWE training curriculum through Martial Fitness®.


In addition to developing Martial Fitness®, Mr. Welch earned Instructor/Black Belt certifications in five (5) different martial art systems. As a result, we offer the following martial art-specific programs: Hapkido, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Filipino Martial Art, Jun Fan Gung Fu/JKD Concepts, Tai Chi, and Capoeira. These are available for personal training, group classes, workshops, or seminars.


World renowned teachers, technical experts, professional fighters, competitors and executives past and present have provided their leadership and guidance to develop the solid foundation for the technical and applied aspects of the TWE training curriculum.*TWE is an active member of the following professional training organizations:


  • United State Karate Center

  • International Inosanto Martial Art Instructor Association

  • Wing Chun Instructor Association of USA

  • Tai Chi Productions – Tai Chi for Arthritis

  • Cordao De Ouro – Atlanta

  • exhale® Core Fusion® Certified Teacher Organization


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